[Digikam-users] My Albums missing

DIL23 hex at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 23:24:59 BST 2008


Just set up my new PC and copied all my albums over from my old machine, I can 
see all those albums in any view in the lefthand sidebar. But I've just 
downloaded a load of pics from my camera and..

The pictures download ok but ONLY to an existing Album
When choosing 'New Album' it disappears from view in a split second (but 
creates an empty directory on HD)
This also happens in any album view and if you drag'n'drop from Konqueror - no 
menu asking you what you would like to do.
or if you use Album->Import it shows file copy progress dialog - but still no 
album in the list (but dir full of files is there if you look in Konqueror 
Also on startup it appears to be reading the correct Album location ie 
~/Pictures/* but doesn't pick up the new directories?

Any ideas welcome!
Using Kubuntu 8.04
KDE 3.5.9
Digikam 0.9.3
kipi 0.1.5

Many thanks

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