[Digikam-users] Saving tags in JPEGs

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Sat Jun 7 11:58:19 BST 2008

Dnia Saturday 07 of June 2008, Hans Vollebregt napisaƂ:
> I am currently using  JPEG as my image storage format, and am thinking
> of using Digikam as my photo management tool. Before I move away from
> F-Spot, I would like to know what happens when I add a tag to a photo,
> or when I change one. Since the tags are stored in the EXIF data in
> the image itself, wouldn't (repeatly) adding and changing tags
> eventually lead to loss in image quality, because Digikam has to save
> the file each time a tag is added/changed?
> Appreciate your thoughts on this subject, and pls forgive me if this
> is a stupid beginners question!

There was similar questions several weeks ago, answer is: metadata
editing in digiKam is completely lossless because it doesn't touch
picture pixels.

People tend to not say anything when they are satisfied, and to say
something when they are not, so you tend to only hear negatives, so
a nice comment is always appreciated. (Shawn Gordon of theKompany)

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