[Digikam-users] Digikam is really slow when used with NFS and wireless

Andreas Weigl kde at silicoids-world.de
Thu Jun 5 18:06:01 BST 2008


Am Thursday 05 June 2008 schrieb Colin Guthrie:
> > Am Wednesday 04 June 2008 schrieb Stefanovich:
> >> I did a search and couldn't find any solutions to this. I have digikam
> >> setup to use an NFS folder as it's library. It works great when I am
> >> connected via a cat 5 cable, however whenever I switch to wireless on
> >> my laptop digikam's gets really really slow. Everything from startup

> Could this be related to the locking of the SQLite DB which (as has been
> documented many, many times) is generally a bad thing.

Locking shoudn't be a problem if the nolock mount option is set.

He said it works fine over cat 5 so I think that the problem is a slow 
wireless connection. Setting nolock and noac should reduce the traffic a bit. 
IMHO the consumed bandwidth should be compared first with iptraf or a similar 


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