[Digikam-users] Two fotos are not displayed in an album

Arno Wald arno.wald at netcologne.de
Sun Jul 27 15:35:36 BST 2008


I am new to digikam and still testing all the functions. After figuring out
how to handle captions (so that they e.g. do occur in gwenview, too) by
enabling "Metadata->Save image captions as embedded text", I do have the
problem that 2 fotos did disappear in digikam. They are still present in
the filesystem and gwenview still displays them, but in digikam they are
missing. All other 106 fotos from this album can normally be seen.

A search for the exact filename does find the images in the search result
preview, but when pressing "Ok" to get to the real search result, the
images are still not displayed again.

The icon in the footerbar tells me that there is no active filter. So what
could be the problem?

My system: uptodate debian/sid (sidux)
  Installed: 2:0.9.4-1
  Installed: 0.1.5-1


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