[Digikam-users] Timeline view question

Gandalf Lechner gandalf.lechner at univie.ac.at
Mon Jul 21 09:47:47 BST 2008

Hi all,

in 0.10-svn, the timeline view often shows one or more sections entitled "My 
Albums/" at the top of the thumbnails matching the time selection. I don't 
quite understand what these are, since all the actual albums matching the time 
selection are listed as sections of the form "My Albums/TODO/Travel ..."  (or 
whatever the names of the albums are) below. The filtered pictures therefore 
appear two times, once in the top part, and once in the regular albums. Could 
someone explain what these extra sections are made for?

Moreover, the thumbnails don't work in the "My Albums/"-sections, I only see 
the default jpg or raw icon, whereas the thumbnails in the regular albums work 

Best Gandalf

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