[Digikam-users] trying to install 0.9.4

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 12:55:12 BST 2008

2008/7/19, Andi Clemens <andi.clemens at gmx.net>:
> On Saturday 19 July 2008 06:57:13 Arnd Baecker wrote:
>> On this point I am sure that I can speak for all digikam-devels:
>> there will never be a DigiKam Gnome version!
> You are right (at least speaking for me), I hate programming GTK and as you
> mentioned before, a lot of KDE stuff is used so porting will never be done
> (I'm pretty sure).

I'm not agree. GTK programming is really really really a
pleasure........ for dinosaur (:=)))

> The only thing that bothers me when mixing KDE and Gnome apps (or even pure
> Qt
> and KDE apps) are the different looks. I hate that and sure the poster here
> hates that, too.

What i'm sure it's than win32 developpers must think than it's a shame
to have a non uniform developement API under Linux. Why GTK exist ?
Why GTK is a C API ? Why not a oriented Object API as Qt is ? Why
Gnome team has created a M$ Mono API under Linux, with a lots of
pattents relevant ?

I'm programming since 15 years old (i'm 39 year old). I have already
tested a lots of programming language. Only a Oriented Object language
are fine to make a big project as digiKam. If you have already take a
look into Gimp source code (GTK C API), it's a big puzzle

To resume : i hate GTK. it's an old coding style language. this is not
the future... Do not ask me to work with it.

Another viewpoint : i have tested Gnome and GTK GUI : for me Gnome is
not a stable desktop. Each time that i have tested on my computer, to
look the progress, i have crashed it speedly... For me KDE is better
an more stable.

The graphics rendering is not realy a pleasure to see. Try to present
Gnome to Windows users : they hate it. This is the really, tested in
my son's school where i have installed a lots of computer under Linux.
KDE have been the winner everywhere...

Gilles Caulier

>But ignoring this fact right now digiKam works quite fine
> in
> a non KDE environment, even D&D should work the way it is supposed to.

If Gnome can support OpenDesktop standard as KDE, well D&D, trash, and
copy & paste will work as well... but this is not the case...



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