[Digikam-users] jhead problem

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Jul 19 06:43:09 BST 2008


I have a problem, for some time now. It's seen in jhead.

I have a script to extract comments from jpg files. the comments are 
inserted automatically by digikam.

I extract them with:
jhead -cs temp img_5734.jpg (for example)

for a given file I get (hexdump -c):

0000000   c   o   n   n   e   c   t   e   u   r       d   i   s   q   u
0000010   e       d   u   r       s   u   p   p   l 303 251   m   e   n
0000020   t   a   i   r   e  \0  \0

you see the \0 \0 at the end.

it's this, the problem.

why are these null chars inserted? (seen as ^@^@ in vi)

how can I remove them?

openSUSE 11, full updated, but I have the same problem with 10.3, so 
iut's not new.


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