[Digikam-users] Import issue on SVN version

Andi Clemens andi.clemens at gmx.net
Mon Jul 14 07:30:47 BST 2008

On Sunday 13 July 2008 23:28:45 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2008/7/13 Gandalf Lechner <gandalf.lechner at univie.ac.at>:
> > Hello Dotan,
> >
> > I also had some trouble getting the digikam svn up and running on my
> > Kubuntu Hardy (using KDE4 Beta2 packages). In the end, the following
> > method was successful: I used precisely the same variable setting and
> > command line options as Arnd wrote in his "private notes" email, with the
> > only difference that instead of
> >
> >
> > I used
> >
> > DIGIKAMKDE4=/usr/lib/kde4
> >
> > (I ran into problems with the former setting.) The marble related
> > settings were probably unnecessary for me since I have marble in its
> > default path; but they don't hurt either.
> >
> > So maybe you want to give that a try as well?
> >
> > Good luck,
> > Gandalf
> >
> > PS: I paste Arnd's notes here for reference:
> Thank you Gandalf, compiling into /usr/lib/kde4 did the trick. I can
> now see the photos. It was a rough compile: it took over an hour, and
> the CPU temp went up to 69 degrees. The computer was doing nothing
> other than compiling Digikam at the time, and as soon as the
> compilation ended the temp started dropping. At 65 degrees when the
> fan went to high speed (and I realized that the machine was getting
> hot) I put frozen foods near (but not blocking) the air input, I'm
> scared to think how high it would have gotten otherwise.


That's not digiKam's fault! :-D
I had to compile / calculate / train a classifier for eye detection last 
summer. My laptop was running at full speed 1 week... all the time. I took 
the time and went on a holiday this week :-) But I also was a little bit 
scared, because 1 week is really a long time for my old laptop here. But he 
survived it.
I don't think compiling digiKam will harm your system...
Do you had to eat all the food after that? What food was it? Special computer 
cooling food :-) ?


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