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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 10:59:52 BST 2008

Nothing special. all work fine as excepted. Look my screenshots here :


Look my dependencies :

- Exiv2 from trunk (future 0.18 with Tiff writting mode). for you
Exiv2 0.17.1 will be fine. Exiv2 play with metadata and extract/decode
the famous Exif orientation tag.

- libkdcraw from KDE3 branch.
- libkexiv2 from KDE3 branch.

Look all my settings : RAW decoding, Light table, Metadata, etc... All
is here, especially to use real RAW image data in preview, and Light


Gilles Caulier

2008/7/12 Michael Stoehrel <michael at stoehrel.ch>:
> Hi Gilles
> Any findings, on the pictures I send.
> best regards
> Michael
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>> Michael,
>> Can you send me a mail in private with 2 samples of RAW image taken
>> with your D300: one horizontally and one vertically
>> Thanks in advance
>> Gilles Caulier
>> 2008/7/9 Michael Stoehrel <michael at stoehrel.ch>:
>>> Hi all
>>> OK, I found the option to show the full image size.
>>> But again, I try to explain what I am doing:
>>> I have a upright "filename.nef" (Nikon RAW, D300, without ) with exif
>>> orientation left, bottom.
>>> Showing it in the Viewer (F3) shows me a high resolution picture, with
>>> or without setting the full image size option.
>>> Showing it in the Slideshow (F9) shows me also a high resolution picture.
>>> Always in the correct orientation.
>>> After converting it with "tools, raw image converter" or the batch
>>> version of it to "filename.jpg"
>>> I have a wrong oriented "filename.jpg" with exif orientation left,
>>> bottom in thumbnails.
>>> Depending on the setting of "show full image", I have the picture in
>>> High or low resoution in
>>> the viewer (F3) or Slideshow (F9) but wrong oriented.
>>> In Lighttable (Shift+F6), I have always the low res picture, wrong oriented.
>>> If I edit (F4) now the picture and save it again as filename.jpg, I have
>>> the high res picture regardless of the setting of the full image size
>>> option.
>>> I found out: "Auto Rotate" option has to be set for the thumbnail, low
>>> res and the high res extra.
>>> In Settings I have the Exif orientation on and in the converter advanced
>>> tab the rotate pixel option off.
>>> If I convert the picture with Nikon FX or Lighzone from .nef to .jpg, I
>>> have always a high res picture in the right orientation
>>> in Viewer (F3) or Slideshow (F9)
>>> How to get a correct oriented conversion?
>>> How to disable the embedded low res picture in the converison to .jpg?
>>> best regards
>>> Michael
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