[Digikam-users] How to build Digikam?

Geoff King gsking1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 13:40:34 BST 2008

Hi Gandalf, and others trying to use kubuntu/ubuntu to install 0.10beta.

I am in the same position - no thumbnails or images.  The bug report I
filed a few days ago sounds like the same thing.

Did the rescan or restart help?

I've now compiled twice using the method outlined by Arnd (thanks
Arnd) and also using the libs directly from kubuntu (4.1beta2) and
both give the same result.  Maybe it's something wrong with
kubuntu/ubuntu, but most of the other kde4 programs and desktop work
fine (for a beta).

> Hi Arnd and everybody,
> now that was a set of useful instructions - thanks a lot! With your notes, I
> could finally compile and install digikam 0.10 from svn.
> For my fellow kubuntu users: At first, I received an error from cmake claiming
> that QT_QTOPENGL_LIBRARY must be set. Installing libqt4-opengl-dev resolved
> this. Second, after compiling and installing digikam, I was faced with an
> error message that the qt4 sqlite plugin is missing. Having installed libqt4-
> sql-sqlite , also this problem was overcome.
> I was however not successful to find the correct package to solve the imlib
> dependency (I installed basically everything with imlib in its name), but this
> is apparantly optional.
> Once digikam finished crawling through my pictures, selecting albums on the
> left did not result in showing thumbnails in the main window. I am running a
> "rebuild all thumbnails" right now and hope this fixes it; looking forward to
> have a look at the new digikam :-)

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