[Digikam-users] raw conversion

Markus Spring m.spring at gmx.de
Mon Jul 7 21:03:53 BST 2008


are you sure that in digikam you
* open the raw file
* make your adjustments
* save it as a jpeg
* and then *view the result jpeg*
because what you describe makes me think that after your conversion you view the 
raw file again.
With the raw file you will always see only the embedded preview image, which in 
digikam does not get rotated.

Lightzone saves a rotation in a private datastructure (probably the xmp sidecar 
file) and for this reason only it knows that you rotated the image. But in 
Lightzone you have in the end three files of one image: the raw file itself, the 
_lzn.jpg file with the lightzone settings for this file and an embedded preview 
in a better resolution than the preview in the raw file, plus the result of your 
conversion, the final .jpg or .tif file.

Both programs do not alter the raw file itself, and the quality of the preview 
image embedded in the raw file can not be different.

So for a slide show you have to use the result file (in lightzone's case you can 
use the _lzn.jpg file too as for slideshows you usually don't need the full 

Best regards


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