[Digikam-users] EXIF data and Digikam

Dick Angus RJA-Linux at shaw.ca
Fri Jul 4 16:40:01 BST 2008

I am sure that in my lack of knowledge I have missed something here, but I'm 
having trouble being able to edit EXIF or IPTC data. I have all my photos 
under Digikam and most of them commented and tagged. I would like to be able 
to change some of the EXIF or IPTC data on occasion. I think I have all the 
required software installed. My photos are all stored TIFF to save any 
compression losses. I have also tried PNG as well.

In Digikam, under Image->Metadata->Edit EXIF/IPTC I can see the fields 
available and the Document name and Image description/copyright data has been 
defaulted in. However, all the fields are greyed out and I can't alter any of 
this data. Also, the Caption field does not contain my Caption data from 
Digikam. Under configuration I have set the options to synchronize with EXIF 
and IPTC - all 3 of the synchronization boxes are checked on the EXIF edit 
window, but they are greyed out as well. I have done lots of searches around 
the Internet and can't seem to find any help on this issue.

Can I, and if so, how do I get edit access to the EXIF and/or IPTC data of my 
photos? How do I get Digikam to put the Caption and Tag data I have created 
in Digikam into the EXIF and/or IPTC data?

Another, rather minor issue, the dictionay being used for Caption spell 
checking seems to have some permission problems. I can't add my own words to 
it. How can I find out what dictionary file is being used so I can address 
the permissions issue?

Thanks a lot for any help offered.
An old mainframer getting modern

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