[Digikam-users] Rename files on disk?

Jason Antman jason at jasonantman.com
Thu Jul 3 14:31:46 BST 2008


You've got it backwards. I rotated / renamed the files *inside* of
digiKam, but when I look in the directory that the files are in (the
directory that I imported to the album), everything looks the same. And
even on the console, none of the filenames are changed.

My question is how to rename/rotate *in* digikam, and have those changes
show up *outside* digikam, i.e. on the raw files on disk?

enaut - thanks. I'll look through the settings and see if maybe there's
something I missed, and also try to catch the debugging output. Maybe
I'll also give strace a try...


Andi Clemens wrote:
> Have you renamed / rotated the files outside of digiKam?
> If so please don't do this, renaming has to be done in digiKam (you can
> rename a single file or batch rename a whole set) so that the database gets
> updated correctly.
> You can do all kind of file operation in digiKam's album view (copy, move,
> rename, delete, create folder) so please always do those tasks inside of
> digiKam.
> If that is no solution, I might have misread your post. If so, please try to
> explain again what happened.
> Andi
> Jason Antman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is my first time using digikam. I read about & installed it a few
>> weeks ago, in preparation for getting a new digital camera (Nikon D80, a
>> bit worried about Linux compatibility). I'm running digikam 0.9.3 on
>> OpenSuSE 10.3/KDE have already4.
>> I just took about 100 photos of things I'm going to be selling online.
>> Not wanting to deal with the "dscnXXX" names, I added the directory in
>> digikam as a new album, and proceeded to rename and rotate them as
>> needed. Now... the names aren't there on disk, and the rotations aren't
>> there either. I've looked through the docs and saw an option to export
>> to CD/DVD, but no option to write all changes from the album to disk.
>> I'm going to be using the images in web pages, and don't want any
>> galleries to be automatically generated - I already have a script that
>> handles that.
>> Thanks for any advice,
>> Jason
>> PS - I'm very wary about any program that keeps images in some hidden
>> location, or just generates meta information in a database. Not only do
>> I often need to do quick exports of a directory of images to disk, but I
>> also need the images to be in finished state on disk (my albums are on
>> remote shares, NFS or SSHFS/Fuse, and are also accessed through a web
>> interface).
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