[Digikam-users] Canon 40D and input colour profile

Sebastian Schubert schubert.seb at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 31 21:28:29 BST 2008

* On Sunday, Aug 31 2008 15:34, you wrote:

[Canon 40D profile on windows partition not working]

> Maybe it's a problem with the path to the windows partition or its locale.
> Copy the profiles to ~/.color/icc for example, and set the digiKam path to it.
> I use the 40D too with those profiles, works well.


thanks for the hint.  It somehow solved the problem, which was not the
place of the data, but the capitalization of the .ICC at the end.  Bug
or feature?

Do you use it in connection with 16 bit RAW development?  Do you have a
good method to work around the problem that the picture is too dark? (I
suppose that is meant by the comment in the digikam handbook)

As you are the author of the nice DAM article, do you know a good method
to convert the .cr2 to .dng?



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