[Digikam-users] RAW workflow & digikam

Sebastian Schubert schubert.seb at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 29 22:54:14 BST 2008


I subscribed to the list now, so sorry for the missing reply headers and

Thank you for all your advice.  I played a bit and I think I've come to
a sound workflow:

1) Copy pictures from camera und put it into RAW folder with data as

2) Tag RAWs as far as possible.

3) Develop RAWs to PNG with 16bit using batch RAW converter.  I think in
that case Adobe RGB is preferable as these pics are mainly for my
collection and digikam knows what it's doing, right? :) (problem see

4) Edit PNG pictures or finetune RAW developing process of pictures that
need it.

5) As soon as digikam can write tags to RAWs, remove the RAWs from
digikam's database, ie copy them somewhere else, so there's nothing

6) be happy. :) (and backup a lot so to stay happy) ;)

Now ok and efficient?

OK, I have the following problem (it seems like a bug, if you confirm, I
file a report):  I set 16 bit colour depth in the RAW configurations
menu and I think I can remember having that setting work in the Raw
Image Converter and the Batch Converter.  Now, and I don't know why,
this does not work anymore.  I always get 8 bit, except when doing an
edit of the RAW file (Canon 40D's .cr2).  In the latter case I get 16

Also the result is not rotated probaly as the original RAW.

Have I set anything wrong?

Addtionally, but this is probably me and my monitor which is not
calibrated, the developed PNGs look a bit too light for me.  The picture
I see when I click on the RAW file in digikam is fine for me.

I also have a question concerning the input colour managment but I'll
use a different post.

Thanks a lot, it's really a great app!  As always I cannot wait for the
next version (call me chicken, but I won't use the svn version; I
already use to much of that kind :) ).  Somehow I cannot imagine how
someone could have survived say 10 years ago.  The next version of *PUT
IN YOUR FAV FREE SOFTWARE* has always a feature which one has always
needed. :)


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