[Digikam-users] Changing data in a subform

Michael Eschweiler michael.eschweiler at web.de
Wed Aug 27 08:16:01 BST 2008

Hi there,
I am trying to change data in a subform depending on the data of the 
masterform. In the subform I have various widgets with the same  datasource 
as the subform itself and one widget with data calculated depending on the 
row the the datasource. I wrote a script that every time the datasource-row 
changes it actualizes the data of the 'disconnected' widget. I put this 
script in the 'after row change' of the subform. When I open the subform as a 
main form all works fine: With the every change of the row the value of the 
calculated widget changes correctly. Now, when I open this form within the 
masterform the row change of the subform works, this means, that with every 
row change of the masterform automatically changes the row of the subform, 
but my script doesn't work any more, because the subform doesn't perform 
the 'after row change' action any more. 
Any idea how I can induce the subform to do the 'after row change' action when 
it is opened as such (perhaps accessing the widget directly from the masterform)?
Thanks in advance,
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