[Digikam-users] The perspective adjustment tool

Gandalf Lechner gandalf.lechner at univie.ac.at
Mon Aug 11 14:39:36 BST 2008

Hi all,

after a day of taking architecture fotos at wide angles, I was in desperate 
need of some way to adjust the perspective of the resulting pictures. 
Fortunately, digikam has a perspective adjustment tool :-) 

Here I want to give some proposals for possible improvements of it. I'll check 
if there are already corresponding wishlist entries in bugzilla and write them 
if this is not the case. This email is just for informing the list and 
discussing experiences with the adjustment tool with other users.


* First, the lack of anti-aliasing is really a drawback when dealing with 
pictures of buildings. These tend to have many straight lines, which are 
transformed into somewhat zig zaggy lines by the perspective adjustment tool. 
The rotation and shear tools have anti-aliasing, so why not perspective 
adjustment, too?

* Second, the adjustments possible with the tool are artificially limited: One 
can only drag the corners of the pictures to the inside. However, dragging the 
vertices outside of the boundaries of the picture can be very useful in many 
situations. Check for example how the gimp deals with this: There you can 
freely adjust the corners of the image, resulting in more freedom of 

* Third, it would be nice if the grid would also respect the color choice made 
for the guide lines. Auto crop options similar to the ones available in the 
rotate tool would be an additional plus.


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