[Digikam-users] [OT] photo cataloging software suggestions

Dennis Meulensteen dennis at meulensteen.nl
Fri Sep 14 04:31:33 BST 2007

Op Thursday 13 September 2007, schreef Charlier, Etienne:
> Hello,
> Just peek at www.photools.com ....
> Imatch has all you need/want...
> BUT has to "major" drawbacks.....
> It's not free and in only run on Win32......

I used to use Imatch on Wine. It's great software, but the incompatibilities with Wine got to me in the end.

What i do now is I just use DigiKam with off-line images. Yes, it can be done with some tinkering.

I run a shell script which produces a (large, high quality)  JPEG preview of all my Raw-images and then moves the raw image into a sub folder.
DigiKam then indexes the Jpegs, which always stay on my file system, even after I move the originals to DVD. 
I made some shell scripts that operate on the original raw files, but associate them  with j[peg files.  Whenever I right click any Jpeg I get these extra options (ie: "NEF to 10x15". "Nef to web", "Nef to Gimp", Nef to Ufraw", "Kill Nef and Jpeg"). In case a NEF is not found I just copy the data back from DVD and try again.

This setup has been working fine for me these last three years. It doen't give me the feature set Imatch has, but is a killer solution for storage and performance.


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