[Digikam-users] Dummy collection

Thomas Hummel hummel at pasteur.fr
Thu Sep 13 17:59:01 BST 2007


I came upon the following issue :

if the directory layout on disk of my pictures contains subdirectories which
are just album containers (that is whith only subdirectories in them, no
pictures), they will appear as empty albums in the "Collection View".

  ex : ~/pictures/vacation/beach

where "beach" an "city" are "real" albums (directories containing pictures) and
"vacation" is juste the "collection" concept but outside digikam (vacation is a
collection of albums but implemented by the directory layout on disk).

One way to deal with that is to assign them a "Dummy" collection membership. So :

  . they don't appear in "Uncategorized albums" anymore but under the "Dummy"
    collection name

  . they are centralized in this dummy Collection so don't polluate the listing
    of other "real" albums.

Is there a more intelligent way to achieve the same goal, which is in essence
to hide them when views in Collection View ?


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