[Digikam-users] IPTC handling and limits

Thomas Hummel hummel at pasteur.fr
Wed Sep 12 15:34:34 BST 2007

Hello and thanks for your work.
I'm new to digikam and IPTC.
My understanding is that 

  . "tags" in digikam may be stored as IPTC keywords (i.e. in the IPTC "Keyword"

  . this field is 64 byte wide and can only store full ASCII characters

  . IPTC has many other fieds (such as location, ...) which can be hand-edited
    by a kipi plugin (through the Image menu).

My questions are :

  . is this correct ?

  . when I save my digikam tags as IPTC metadata : how can I be sure I don't
    overflow the header size ? What happens if I do (does the flag name gets
    truncated ?)

  . does it make sense to have a digikam tag representing the picture location
    since it will be saved in the keyword header, instead of in the maybe more
    appropriate location IPTC header ?

Thank you.

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