[Digikam-users] Tools -> Batch process -> filter images ->unsharp : I don't understand ...

Olivier Six olivier.six at amnesix.net
Mon Sep 10 18:24:19 BST 2007

Hi, all.

I am using Digikam (I've been using Digikam for about 6 months) on 
Ubuntu (Gutsy), version is 0.92, and imagemagick is version (I think)

First, I am suprised that there are TWO versions for the «unsharp 
mask» function in Digikam.

 From the Image Editor -> Enhance -> sharpen -> Unsharp mask, where I 
find a «a la Gimp» interface (three settings, Radius, Amount, 
Threshold, and from Tools -> Batch process -> filter images ->unsharp 
I get the «Imagemagick Style» version, with different settings : 
Radius, Deviation, Percent, and Threshold.

The Gimp version works OK. But as I would like to process my photos by 
large numbers, I want to use the Batch function. And there, I have 2 
problems :

- the settings don't answer as described in the different pages I have 
consulted. Where people talk from 0.05 in threshold, or 1.2 in radius, 
etc., here, from Digikam, I am unable to enter any parameter that is 
not an integer

- whatever setting I use, I don't get any result : target image is the 
same as the original image.

Is there anything that I should know, or anything I do wrong ?

While I am here : thank you for this great software.

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