[Digikam-users] digiKam 0.9.2-beta1 test release

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sat May 5 18:37:30 CEST 2007

all compile fine under Mandriva 2007.1

Note to Translators : libkdcraw have a small libkdcraw.po file to translate
because there is a settings widget used by digiKam configuration panel.


2007/5/5, Gerhard Kulzer <gerhard at kulzer.net>:
> Dear all digiKam fans!
> With the 0.9.2-beta1 release we start into a new release cycle that is
> planned to be culminating in a 0.9.2 final release mid June. This version
> is
> already very stable, don't hesitate to use it for production. Beta1 and
> beta2
> are rather used to improve usability.
> In order to make digiKam 0.9.2 compile you need to compile and install
> libkexiv2 and libkdcraw first.
> Downloads: from http://digikam3rdparty.free.fr/
> or from https://sourceforge.net/projects/kipi and
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/digikam
> So what's new on digiKam planet?
> --------------------------------
> General :
> - DigikamImagePlugins have been merged into digiKam. It is easier to
> release
> one package for all and nobody will search for promised features that are
> not
> installed anymore. Image plugins translations are hosted to digikam.pofile
> instead a .po file for each tool.
> - New depency to libkdcraw shared library used to decode RAW file. This
> library is shared between digiKam and kipi-plugins. The internal dcraw
> version used is 8.60. digiKam now supports all recent digital camera RAW
> files released at PMA 2007.
> - Make icon size in sidebars configurable to allow more entries to be
> presented.
> - Reduce icon size of album view and make them configurable using a slider
> in
> status bar.
> - Removing direct Exiv2 library depency. libkexiv2 interface is used
> everywhere instead.
> - A new plugin 'Vivid', similar to Velvia type filters is part of Color
> Effect plugin.
> Album GUI :
> - Add Zoom/Scrooling functions with preview mode. Speed incease.
> Image Editor :
> - Usability improvement : a new pan tool is available on the right bottom
> corner of the status bar to navigate on large pictures.
> - Blowup and Resize tools have been merged.
> - Unsharp Mask, Refocus, and Sharpen tools have been merged to a new
> Sharpness Editor.
> - Reorganize menu structure
> - persistant selection in all zoom mode.
> - Add new option to fit on current selection.
> - Red Eyes Correction tool have been completly re-written. There is a
> preview
> and the capability to taint the eye pupil with a customized color. The new
> eye pupil can be blurred to smooth the result.
> - Solarize plugin is now a "Color Effects" pack including Solarize, Velvia
> (new plugin), Neon, and Edge effects.
> - Black & White converter now support a lots of B&W analog camera film
> types
> (Agfa, Ilford, Kodak). A new 'strength' setting can simulate the amount of
> Lens filters effect.
> - Update internal CImg library to 1.1.9. The Greycstoration algorithm used
> by
> Restoration, Inpainting and Blowup plugins is faster and optimized.
> Showfoto :
> - The thumbbar is now resizable. The thumbnails contents can be
> redimensionned in live.
> - The thumbbar items can show a full configurable tool tip like digiKam
> album
> icon tems tool tip.
> --
> Hakuna matata
> http://www.gerhard.fr
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