[Digikam-users] converting Pentax RAW problem

Martin Schmettow schmettow at web.de
Fri Jun 8 09:09:29 BST 2007

Hi Sebastian,

when you load a raw image directly with the editor the gamma is not set, 
meaning that the original linear curve of the cameras sensor is used. 
You can either shape the lightness correction curve to a convex form 
(last tab in the CM dialog). Or, which is easier,  use the 
Lightness/Contrast/Gamma filter afterwards and set the gamma to a value 
usually between 1.8 and 2.2. You may have to enhance the contrast 
afterwards. See the attachment. This is your raw image with gamma=2.2 
and contrast=80.

Btw. I'm of the opinion, that opening a raw in the editor should set 
gamma and contrast to a reasonable value by default (or at least ask the 
user). I recently reported this as a bug, so I suggest you vote for it:



Sebastian Kraft wrote:
> http://www.hey-you-freaks.de/photo/digikam_without_CM.jpg
> This is the converted RAW without any color management and converted in 8bit
> mode. It's different, but far away from good.
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