[Digikam-users] jpeg compression

Thorsten Schnebeck thorsten.schnebeck at gmx.net
Sat Jun 30 21:26:05 BST 2007

> > DNG is not that evil ;-)
> Perhaps, but in DNG, if you records original CFA data from original RAW
> file + the decode image in JPEG format, you have a huge file !

I don't understand? Why do you want to store both? As you can read in the 
copied thread the DNG file is shorter than a original CR2 raw.

> DNG It's not a revolution for me...

DNG can be an standard for raw files same like pdf is now for text 

I don't know any other raw file format with open specs. Its better than all 
the proprietary raw stuff of the camera vendors.

Its up to the license experts if there can exist a GPL libdng due to Adobe 
patent or if only a free dng-app is possible. As in e.g. kpdf is also a 
notice that grants Adobe the copyright for pdf data and structures I don't 
think this is a problem now - but GPL3 raised today ;-) 



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