[Digikam-users] error in updating from svn

Caspar Maessen cmaessen at casco.demon.nl
Sat Jun 9 15:57:07 BST 2007

Op zaterdag 9 juni 2007, schreef Thorsten Schnebeck:

  > Have you tried to choose one anonsvn server by its IP?
  > anonsvn.kde.org.        3058    IN      A
  > anonsvn.kde.org.        3058    IN      A
  > Maybe one is broken and one is fine - but I don't really have
  > deeper svn knowledge. Have you also deleted the hidden .svn folder
  > in the download path?

A great tip. Tried 
svn:// and 
everything went fine while gave me the same problems as a 
experienced before. So definitely broken!
It is a pity that this situation can last for more than a day. It took 
me several hours experimenting. Well, the most important thing is that 
I have a working copy of our favorite program again.
Thanks again.

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drang naar moed en het nemen van risico. --B.J.M. Ale (2004)

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