[Digikam-users] converting Pentax RAW problem

Sebastian Kraft sebastian_kraft at gmx.de
Thu Jun 7 23:00:51 BST 2007


I have some trouble converting RAW files from a Pentax *ist DL2 camera.
You can see the problem here:


This is how it looks like when I just watch the the picture with digikam.
After I load it with digikam to edit the image it opens the Color management
window. Thats OK. I have chosen SRGB for working space and the Pentax
profile from Bibble as input profile. But this is what I get:


Colors are really bad. This occurs with every RAW file I load. Most times
the result is acceptable, but it always has the same red tint...

What has gone wrong here? I really want to get high quality 16bit TIFFS from
my camera...


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