[Digikam-users] bugs and wishes review

Jakob Østergaard joe at evalesco.com
Tue Jun 5 21:31:51 BST 2007

On Tuesday 05 June 2007 22:20:08 Arnd Baecker wrote:
> So you only modified the configure in graphics
> (but not the one in libs), right?


> So it seems that a solution would be to ensure
> that PKG_CONFIG_PATH always comes first in the configure?

No. That would reverse the fundamentally broken usage of pkg-configure in a 
manner so that it would work in my particular setup (and yours) but break in 
other setups (where path given to the linker will again differ from the 

It is the concept of having a PKG_CONFIG_PATH that is broken; the variable 
should not exist because it does not in any way relate to what paths the 
linker will search - what ever you set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to, it will either 
be "accidentally correct" or just plain wrong.

Or, maybe I completely misunderstood the entire thing in which case I 
apologize and look forward to being enlightened :)

> Gilles + other configure experts:
> is this something which can be fixed on the digikam side?

Personally, I think it would be very simple to version-check libraries that 
one controls (like libkdcraw) with a test program that uses the linker to 
link to the library and prints out a version string from the library. That 
would, by definition, always link to the library the linker chooses, and thus 
always print the correct answer.

But again, I am in no way a configure expert and I could easily be missing a 
great deal of real-world configure details :)

> (I don't really know anything about configure and all that ...)

Thanks for your help and feedback, that was really useful!

Jakob Østergaard

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