[Digikam-users] managing empty albums

Mr. Jellynek core5fedora at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 13:53:25 GMT 2007

i have several empty albums in digiKam as a result of using the "import
folders" option

for instance, i've imported a folder such as

though some of the sub-directories of that folder contain images, many of
them do not. i was expecting the function to find images and import
them-- for digiKam to then display only those folders which contain the
images-- but instead, it seems to have imported the entire directory
structure, whether images or no images exist.

obviously this does not make for an efficient catalogue of images as it is
little different than using Kongqueror to browse every folder, manually
looking for image files.
to improve the accuracy of the catalogue, i'm guessing that i would want to
delete those empty "albums", but perhpas this is not the recommended

"empty album", or empty "directory" maintenance seems a complicated action
because the appearance of an "empty" folder seems misleading-- when
selecting to delete it, i receive a confirmation dialogue which reveals
subfolders within that "empty" album, which may or may not contain images
(as there appears to be no indication either way).

what is the most efficient way to remove the empty directories from the
digiKam album list?
how should i approach the "import folder" function in the future to avoid
gathering empty directories?

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