[Digikam-users] "Apply" button in right side bar

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Sat Jan 27 17:15:59 GMT 2007

Le Samedi 27 Janvier 2007 15:41, Marcel Wiesweg a écrit :
> Thanks for your feedback, after reading the replies it seems that
> consistency is important and was not achieved by the first proposal.
> So to sum up the discussion, here are revised suggestions, much like what
> Fabien suggested, with no discrimination single/multiple selection:
> 1) Default mode
> You need to click the Apply button to apply changes. A message box asks for
> confirmation to apply when the selection changes.
> The message box has a "Always apply changes" checkbox.
> 2) "Always apply" mode
> Changes are automatically applied.
> The setting can be changed from the message box in (1), or from the popup
> menu on the "More" button.
> Question: Should the apply button be shown in mode (2)?
> Pros and Cons:
> This solution makes clear for new users when changes are applied, and saves
> them from inadvertent changes.
> Power users can disable the confirmation. In this mode you are not saved
> from inadvertent changes in multiple selection, but for the sake of
> consistency that's it.
> Anyone who cannot agree with such a solution?


Like i said in private mail, i prefert to have the "Mode" setting in digikam 
Setup dialog, for example in Misc page.


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