[Digikam-users] "Apply" button in right side bar

Birkir A. Barkarson birkirb at stoicviking.net
Tue Jan 23 05:23:53 GMT 2007

> Please tell me if this is an improvement to the current situation: 
> usability-wise, for "educating" new users, and acceptable for power users.
> Or if the current situtation is all right.
> Or give other suggestions.

Usability-wise, if you added an Apply button I would think it would work 
best in the following way:

1) Single selection
Apply changes only when the button is pressed otherwise nothing is done.

2) Multiple selection
Apply changes only when the buttons is pressed otherwise do nothing.  If 
more than X thumbnails are selected a warning pop up seeks confirmation.

The pop up might warn that you have selected x thumbnails and that it 
might be a time consuming process (particularly if iptc meta data is 
updated as well).  Suitable values for x might be 10 or so?

I think this is the simplest way to implement this and the digikam UI 
really needs some fixing.  If a power user options is required then the 
Apply button should be optional and all changes should be applied at the 
earliest opportunity regardless if the changes affect 1 or more items 
(much like it is now).  To have the button appear only under certain 
conditions is confusing, consistency is prime.



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