[Digikam-users] geotagging: digikam refuses to add coordinates to raw files

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Thu Jan 11 12:15:00 GMT 2007

Le jeudi 11 janvier 2007 10:36, Markus Spring a écrit :
> Hubert Figuiere schrieb:
> > RAW files a prorietary and undocumented, therefor digikam does not
> > support re-writing them (hopefuly).
> Image::Exiftool does, so I do not see a principal difficulty therein

Yes, I think so it's possible with TIFF like RAW format like NEF or CR2.

> > the solution is to beg for the support of sidecar XMP files.
> Well - I have ufraw sidecar files as well as bibble ones - and you have to
> be careful to rename them all along if you do so with the image file. It's
> going to make things even more complicated...
> But I would take them if that could make up for a central place where all
> meta-information is stored.
> To stay with the current digikam solutions: Why not store this information
> in the database if you don't want to mess around with proprietary file
> formats?

Marcus, it's planed to the future to improve database format. We will ad new 
table to store more informations.


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