[Digikam-users] tag hierarchy wish 139547

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Tue Jan 9 17:53:39 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 09 January 2007 17:34, Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
> > 2) if a tag-tree is applied the same tags are saved several times:
> > 	if tags are:
> > 	- Mytesttag
> > 		- testtag
> > 			- testtag2
> > 	IPTC keywords will be (also note missing "M"):
> > 	"ytesttag, ytesttag/testtag, ytesttag/testtag/testtag2"
> > 	but should be just "Mytesttag, testtag, testtag2"
> This would be the expected behavior if all tags are checked, but a bug if
> only testtag2 is checked. I will test for this problem.
all tags are checked in the above sample, but
"Mytesttag, Mytesttag/testtag, Mytesttag/testtag/testtag2" really is expected 
behaviour? Why? Are there any standards/common uses asking for this? If so, 
well then I'm not nagging anymore. But if not, I think each keyword should be 
saved only once, thus it should be "Mytesttag, testtag, testtag2" just as 
also shown beneith the album thumbs.

> > 4) photographer identity, credit, copyright are not saved to IPTC when
> > using "save as ..." (I've already mentioned this somewhere else)
> You can append it to 127583
Yes, this is "my" bug which I didn't remember..., I already mentioned the 
above in Comment #8 last december. Now I added some voting points :-)

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