[Digikam-users] Aspect Ratio Crop bug?

Milan Zamazal pdm at zamazal.org
Fri Jan 5 20:05:03 GMT 2007

>>>>> "MO" == Mark Ovens <marko at freebsd.org> writes:

    MO> I'm running digikam on FreeBSD 6.1. Is this only a problem on
    MO> this platform, or does it happen on Linux too?

It happens on Linux too.  digiKam can't hold even 1:1 ratio correctly
and it often doesn't cover the whole picture area when using the
"Max. aspect" button.

It's not enough important/annoying problem for me to bother filing a bug
report about that.  But it would be nice if someone did. :-)


Milan Zamazal


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