[Digikam-users] display picturelist without splitting up by albums

Risto Saukonpää paristo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 09:28:17 GMT 2007

Dnia nie gru 31 2006, Florian Ehinger napisa?:

>> is it possible to display the pictures after e.g. selecting by date
>> without splitting it up in the separate albums?

> Not possible at the moment. IANAD but AFAIK it is on TODO list.

> m.

That sounds good and i hope that current way will be option too. Because i 
have pictures on own directories and named as season, day, theme (winter 
02-01-07 place, what is theme on pictures) and if i go to shoot different 
themes (as  i usually do) on one day, i will have many directories for that 
day and i would like to use find how many "project" i did have on that 
specific day and not see all pictures as in one "directory".

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