[Digikam-users] Q: Why does moving to Trash take forever?

Chris G cl at isbd.net
Wed Dec 26 18:27:24 GMT 2007

On Wed, Dec 26, 2007 at 10:56:31AM -0700, D. R. Evans wrote:
> Three minutes ago, I told digikam to move one photograph to trash. The
> progress dialog box is still sitting on 0%.
> This is the worst example I have experienced so far, but it seems like
> every time I delete pictures by sending them to trash, the process is at
> best excruciatingly slow.
> Is there some setting or something I can change to cause moving pictures to
> the trash to occur at a reasonable speed?
>   Doc
> PS In the time that it took me to write this e-mail, the progress bar
> hasn't changed at all.
I have seen this behavior too, not quite so extreme but the *first*
image I move to trash always takes several seconds (like tens of
seconds) on what is a pretty fast computer.  All subsequent moves of
images to trash are virtually instantaneous.

Chris Green

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