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Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Thu Dec 20 17:57:05 GMT 2007


below is a forwarded message for those who are interested
in HDR style blending of several images.

I tried it with some examples and it produces very nice results!
(You will have to install the dev versions, see
for links to detailed descriptions for many platforms)

Apologies to those who already know about this.

Best, Arnd

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Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 16:11:14 +0200
From: Erik Krause <erik.krause at gmx.de>
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Subject: [PanoToolsNG] A christmas present


Andrew Mihal (developer of enblend) and the hugin development team
around Pablo d'Angelo have a christmas present for the panorama
community: enfuse

The program uses the multi resolution spline blending technique known
from enblend to fusion (hence the name) a stack of exposure bracketed
images - not to HDR but to a exposure blended LDR result.

I tested it on some cases and it yielded results wich are the closest
to perfect I ever saw. Even the 17 EV lamp example from my page
http://www.erik-krause.de/blending which no recent tonemapper was
able to process satisfactorily looks really great:

And the best is: this runs fully automatic, without need to tweak a
load of settings. The syntax is similar to enblend, hence it might be
possible to use one of the enblend GUIs:
http://wiki.panotools.org/Enblend_Front_End or even PTGui if you
specify enfuse instead of enblend or smartblend in the Options
-> Plugins menu (don't forget to set it back, since enfuse is *no*
panorama blender).

Enfuse is part of the enblend 3.1 pre release. Hence be warned: There
still might be bugs - this is for testing only. Please read the
README and the NEWS file from the ZIP before. Please report any bugs
or oddities here or better on the hugin-ptx list at

Enblend 3.1 reports are welcome, too!

Enfuse f.e. shuts down if it is called with wrong parameters. Here is
a list (output of enfuse if called without parameters):

Usage: enfuse [options] -o OUTPUT INPUTS

Common options:
 -h                Print this help message
 -l number         Number of levels to use (1 to 29)
 -o filename       Write output to file
 -v                Verbose
 -w                Blend across -180/+180 boundary
 --compression=COMP Set compression of the output image.
                   Valid values for compression are:
                   For TIFF files: LZW, DEFLATE
                   For JPEG files: 0-100

Extended options:
 -b kilobytes      Image cache block size (default=2MiB)
 -c                Use CIECAM02 to blend colors
 -g                Associated alpha hack for Gimp (ver. < 2) and
 -f WIDTHxHEIGHT+x0+y0   Manually set the size and position of the
                         output image.
                         Useful for cropped and shifted input TIFF
                         images, such as those produced by Nona.

 -m megabytes      Use this much memory before going to disk

Fusion options:
 --wExposure       Weight given to well-exposed pixels.
 --wContrast       Weight given to high-contrast pixels
 --wSaturation     Weight given to highly-saturated pixels

The Fusion options parameters have no effect so far since only
--wExposure is implemented and hence default. -c works only if the
source images contain a color profile.

Ok, did you read all? Then for the link (currently only Windows


best regards and merry christmas.

Erik Krause
Offenburger Str. 33
79108 Freiburg

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