[Digikam-users] Just Praise

Ace Suares lists at suares.an
Thu Dec 20 12:11:10 GMT 2007


By the way, did I already tell you that I *love* digikam ?

I've been toying with different photo viewers since I started with 
linux... but digikam is the one that works best for me. The interface is 
clear and uncluttered; the way the photo's open in a new window, or not, 
is just right for me... 
The tools are very nice to, I love slideshow, and slideshow to mpeg, and 
the little tool where you can readjust gamma.

Only minor annoyance: you can't feed it multiple photo directories. That's 
a drag. I would also like to be able to start digikam in a temporary 
directory, just to look at some photos' someone brought me on stick, cd 
or camera. And the HTML exporter is too limited; it should probably work 
with a template engine to create the desired results.

All in all, I've been using it for 3 years or so, and it is still my 
preferred app for photo management. Hats off to all involved !!!


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