[Digikam-users] Digikam-users Digest, Vol 16, Issue 35

Paristo paristo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 08:10:34 BST 2006

> David,
> actually, I hadn't realized that there was a wizard for this in
> Digikam, very nice indeed!
> Now, what I would like is:
> - instead of the red rectangle for cropping pics, a full aspect ratio
> crop, that even displays the cropped pics afterwards so you get an
> impression what it looks like
> - custom paper and image sizes
> That is, using digikam 0.8.2, not sure things have changed in 0.9.0
> /peter

It's very good to know that there is such option, im going to check it
right after i can change my burned motherboard to new one. And i
forget to ask that is in that printwizard option to have aperture and
shutter speed printed with picture too? Or with selected EXIF tags?

> I don't understand exactly what you mean about splash. I K3b/KPhoneAlbum
> splash can be changed from setup dialog ?
> Gilles Caulier

K3B has option in settings to change theme what will effect splash
picture too. And i would like to see samekind option in Digikams
options to select what picture user want's to use as splash image.
Even user could make own splash image from own picture without using
other software and set digikam use it. Of course there could be little
more default splashes for digikam what user could select.

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