[Digikam-users] svn version memory usage

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Wed Sep 27 15:18:33 BST 2006


here are some numbers of current svn.

First using exmap (which is, according to Lubos Lunak's blog, the tool to be 
used to measure memory usage)

Pixmaps are stored in the X server, so the memory usage of X is given as well. 
First number is "Effective resident" which is - as there was no swapping - 
the effective memory usage in KB.
It is made up of executable code (which can be reduced by stripping) and two 
other numbers, "heap" and "anon", no definition from me, both are given here.

Before start
	X 17929 heap 13644 anon 1427

digikam first 
	X 23537 heap 13644 anon 6051
	digikam 31574 heap 7152 anon 3228

digikam thumbnail cache
	X 27153 heap 17260 anon 6051
	digikam 31556 heap 7164 anon 3228
(-> 100 pixmaps stored in the server)

digikam image editor one image
	X 34525 heap 18992 anon 11687
	digikam 71146 heap 9096 anon 40592
(-> widget, canvas and image data of one image, pixmaps)

digikam image editor cache full
	X no significant change
	digikam 120500 heap 9220 anon 89764
(-> 40MB DImg cache)

digikam image editor closed (cache still full)
	X no significant change
	digikam 108336, heap 9240 anon 77472

digikam closed
	X 21900 heap 17616 anon 431

Second, using valgrind's massif tool.

The attached chart was taken with a similar run as above.
Colors #1 and #2 represent memory used by DImg.
With the exception of the 45MB peak of "other", the cause of which I don't 
know, and QImage::create, which is probably the preview feature, what you can 
see from this is that the real large part of memory is used for image 


> - dBera
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