[Digikam-users] make-error while compiling from svn

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Tue Sep 26 09:03:01 BST 2006

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 09:04, Caspar Maessen wrote:
> Op dinsdag 26 september 2006 07:46, schreef Gilles Caulier:
>   > On Monday 25 September 2006 23:46, Caspar Maessen wrote:
>   > > WARNING: use unsermake instead of make or use a wrapper script,
>   > > e.g. makeobj!!!
>   > > unsermake all
>   > > digikam/libs/dcraw/Makefile.am: no rule to create
>   > >   target:
>   > > ./digikam/libs/dcraw/CFLAGS(./digikam/libs/dcraw/dcraw.o) make:
>   > > *** [all] Fout 1
>   >
>   > Here using automake/autoconf doesn't break anything.
>   >
>   > Also, are you tested 'make distclean' and to restart make -f
>   > Makefile.cvs; ./configure; etc...
> No luck. Didn,t expect so too.
> According to the error-message something is missing in the file
> digikam/libs/dcraw/Makefile.am which wasn't missed before. As I wrote
> it worked before.

To be more clean, my last changes are to includes dcraw.c source code into 
digikam core to generate a digikamdcraw binary file used instead standard 
dcraw binary file to load all RAW pictures.

By this way the dcraw depency is _REMOVED_ definitivly ! This is very 
important because :

- dcraw is not a library
- dcraw author changes reguliary the command lines options
- dcraw command lines options compatibility is broken for any dcraw release. 
This is a nightmare to control dcraw verion and options avaialble.

In fact, compile a validate dcraw version in digikam core will be the better 
way to prevent all future problems with dcraw. The dcraw source code in 
digikam are unchanged. it just a backport, tested to run with digikam core 
(about command line options)

When we want to update dcraw with digiKam, i just need to get the new source 
code from dcraw project page, put it in digikam core, compile and test it 
with digikam. That all.

The current dcraw version backported is the last release from dcraw project 

About the makefile.am, my last changes are releveant of an complex compilation 
problem of dcraw.c source code with all standard KDE compilation options. In 
fact dcraw.c do not support the gcc -std=iso9899:1990, especailly with the 
lcms header witch use pure inline method. inline keyword is not defined in C 
Ansi  iso9899 based.

This is why the Makefile.am use these lines :

#-- dcraw binary -------------------------------------------------

bin_PROGRAMS = digikamdcraw
dcraw.o: CFLAGS = -w
digikamdcraw_SOURCES = dcraw.c
digikamdcraw_LDFLAGS = $(all_libraries) $(LIBJPEG) $(LCMS_LIBS) 


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