[Digikam-users] sorting tags

Christoph Knauer cool.chris65 at web.de
Sun Sep 24 09:58:12 BST 2006


I'm using the tags very often in the last few month.

In the beginning it was only a flat structure, but now I developed a 
hirachical system for my tags eg:

country +-- germany
            --- usa ---+--- california ---+--- los angeles +-- mullholland drv
                                                  |                       ---disney
	                                      +-- san diego ---+--- museum
                                                                           | ---park

so actually some tags are structured like this example, and some of the older 
tags are in the old flat stucture.

How can I move these tags into a new position inside the hierachie without 
loosing any information?

Thanks, Christoph
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