[Digikam-users] digiKam 0.9.0-beta2 and digiKamImagePlugins 0.9.0-beta2 are out there: catch them!

F.J.Cruz fj.cruz at supercable.es
Tue Sep 19 22:24:15 BST 2006

Here we go again: another step beyond on the path to the first stable release 
of the 0.9 series for digiKam and digikamImagePlugins.

After a period of hard and intensive work, the digiKam community brings to you 
all the new digiKam and DigikamImagePlugins 0.9.0-beta2 releases with some 
new features, and others have been improved:

- New option to start image sequence number index with a custom value.
- New option to add camera name to target download file name.
- New option to create download folder per file format (e.g. JPG and CR2)
- New option to set date format of auto-created albums.
- New option to process a batch creation of all albums items thumbnails.
- New option to set image as tag thumbnail on Tag Filters View using D&D.
- New option to set a matching condition to use between tags in Tag Filters 
View (OR or AND condition).
- New color scheme theme 'Digikasa' from Sergio Di Rio Mare 

 And a lot of bugs have been fixed since the 0.9.0-beta1 release:

- 121691 : Problems with Downloading images from Camera.
- 131034 : Display a mini-view of the photo currently transferred, i.e. better 
visual feedback.
- 131603 : Orientation of RAW-images (especially Canons *.cr2)
- 131532 : Minolta exception code can break EXIF rotation
- 131550 : digikam/showfoto can't show jpeg image under PowerPC
- 131549 : endianess problem under Linux-PowerPC (with png images at least) 

Do you want to know more about all the changes? Have a look at the NEWS file 

Are you interested in some of our plans for the future and in what is still 
missing for the final 0.9 release? Have a look at the TODO file 

As you know, this is not an stable release but a beta one, which means that we 
are asking users to test this version of digiKam and to report bugs. Now, you 
have the chance to help us, if you have found a bug, please report it to the 
bug tracking system at bugs.kde.org. In a first step, make sure that there is 
not already a bug report for your problem. A list of open bug reports for 
digikam can be found  here 
and for digikamimageplugins in this  URL 

Come on! what are you waiting for? Get your packages  here! 

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