[Digikam-users] Keyword import

Moritz Alexander Esser moritz.esser at gmx.de
Mon Sep 18 09:26:56 BST 2006

Is this a feature for the ongoing development of 0.9.0 or will it take
longer? I'm looking for exactly that feature in digikam and started
writing a patch. But I've no knowledge about KDE/QT (I was a gnome guy
till I found digikam and amarok), so still fail on creating a new
window, buttons and so on.
A good idea about non-ascii keywords may be a comparsion list with
current db-keywords in a dropdown and a "enter a new keyword"-button if
it's non-ascii but not yet in the db.


Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Just to be clear, the code is ready into DMetadata class to extract iptc 
> keywords from pictures, but an interface with the database is missing to 
> perform import (scanlib in fact).
> The problem is to use the iptc keywords properlly, especially if non-ascii 
> char are used. I think that the database must be untouched in this case to 
> prevent dummy Tags import.
> Also, a rule must be done when an existing tag already exist in database.
> Gilles

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