[Digikam-users] One photo in several albums

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Sat Sep 16 07:43:23 BST 2006

On Friday 15 September 2006 19:24, Daniel Seifert wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently using iPhoto (an import functionality would be great!)
> and really like iPhoto's concept of having only links to a photo in an
> album. This allows me to have - for example - one album with ALL photos
> of my vacation (album A), and another album with only a select number of
> photos (for showing to other people) (album B).
> digikam's definition of an album varies significantly (in regards to
> this feature) from iTunes'. Using digikam albums, I would have to have
> the photos in album B as duplicates of the same ones in album A. This
> increases hard disk usage and it's nearly impossible to keep the photos
> in sync (tags, changes, etc).
> The current approach with digikam I am looking at is to use tags (e.g.
> give all photos in album A the tag "Vacation XYZ complete" and give
> those photos who are also in album B the tag "Vacation XYZ
> presentation"). This would allow to simulate what I want to do quite
> nicely.
> If there is no other solution, the tag approach is something I could
> live with. So here's the challenge to you - is there any better way of
> doing this?
> Daniel

Hi Daniel

if you use tags there is no need to have the photos saved twice in two 
different directories or albums.

You can use album view with the tags-filter on the right side bar and select 
one or more tags to show only the selected ones, you can even select more 
than one tag.

Or you an use tag view on the left side bar, click to a tag and see all 
corresponding pictures from all of your albums.

This way you can put together various "virtual albums" without the need to 
copy or move files physically.


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