[Digikam-users] An idea about IPTC Keyword

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Mon Sep 4 06:49:46 BST 2006

Le Lundi 4 Septembre 2006 01:05, Trebol-a a écrit :
> I have a suggestion:
> The TAGS are save like IPTC keyword, but this info is not read when I
> recover a photo at digikam. I mean:
> - I tagged a photo. Put the descriptcion, point value, etc...
> - I get out this photo on my album and remove old tags
> When i recover this photo at digikam again, the tags do not show in the
> tags list, but yes in IPTC info. If digikam could made this, the backup on
> DVD and recover will very easy... by example.
> I hope you understand my airport english !! :D

Comments, rating and date are recovered if you put your pictures in a new 
directory into digiKAm library and you start "Tools/Scan for new Images" 

About Tags recovering, the code is not yet finalized. It's in my TODO list.


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