[Digikam-users] color profile input: a question

Nicolas Vilars n.vilars at free.fr
Fri Sep 1 08:41:08 BST 2006

Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Le Jeudi 31 Août 2006 22:10, Mathusael a écrit :
>> Besides I've read from Gilles Caullier in earlier post that you were
>> using Minolta 5D profile(??). Is this something you build specifically
>> (shooting a patch of colors and such?)? Something you downloaded from
>> Minolta? (Where?)
> No i'm using Minolta ICC camera profile from DImage Master. Files are here :
> http://digikam3rdparty.free.fr/ICCPROFILES/CameraProfiles/
> Also, you can use the ICC profiles from BibbePro software. Look here :
> http://slave.paranoidbsd.org/photo/bibble.tgz
Thanks, for the ICC profiles.

I didn't mention it but I tried the one from bibble but the minolta1 & 2 
didn't gave me any good results. As I don't know exactly for which 
camera they are made exactly... However the ones on the first link looks 
good, I will try them tonight. The odd thing is that I have DImage 
Master running on my box (wine), but when I checked the installation 
folders, there was no profiles...

Googling around didn't gave me any good information. So thank you!

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