[Digikam-users] color profile input: a question

Nicolas Vilars n.vilars at free.fr
Fri Sep 1 08:32:32 BST 2006

>> Besides I've read from Gilles Caullier in earlier post that you were
>> using Minolta 5D profile(??). Is this something you build specifically
>> (shooting a patch of colors and such?)? Something you downloaded from
>> Minolta? (Where?)
> IF you have a Dynax 5d, can you give me the Lens that you use ? I very 
> interressed to improve the Exiv2 lens detection with Minolta makernote 
> implementation.
no luck, I'm using a 7D.
My lenses are :
- Minolta 28-70/2.8
- Sigma 100-300/4 EX

Still interested though?
> take a picture with a lens and scan the jpeg file taken using Exiv2 command 
> line tool like this:
> exiv2 -pt MINOLTA-DYNAX5D.JPG | grep LensID
> if you have a number instead a string description of the lens, please give me 
> some details about the lens. I will add this one into Exiv2 library.
I can do this on Sunday.

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