[Digikam-users] Archiving to cd/dvd but storing the metadata

Peter Gustafson petegus at spaceshipone.engin.umich.edu
Fri Oct 27 14:23:10 BST 2006


Digikam is a great program... kudos to the authors.

I'm wondering if there is a method to archive an album to cd/dvd, then
store all the relevant info (that being tags, comments, thumbnails,
perhaps all metadata) in the digikam database but remove the images from
the hard drive.  In my attempts to archive and save disk space, digikam
removes  the album from the database.

Is there a way to define a location where metadata is not removed from
the database?  ie (/mnt/)  For example, when I search for the tag
"birthday", will it show a thumbnail and a little info with a location
and disk serial number?  Perhaps this is not yet available and I should
submit a feature request?


Pete Gustafson

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