[Digikam-users] Permission on newly created albums

Fabien fabien.ubuntu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 11:28:51 BST 2006


> Good Day!
> We have set up a share folder /home/pictures so anyone can easily access 
> it. Its file permission are so that anyone in the group can read, write 
> and execute.   However everytime, Digikam creates a new album in this 
> folder, the permissions are set so only the owner can modify the image, 
> not the group. Is there a way so Digikam can create a new album with the 
> correct file permission (rwxrwxr--x) or I am condemned to do it manually 
> everytime we create an album?

Try to adjust your umask setting before starting digikam.
Eg: umask 0002


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