[Digikam-users] Image plugins on Kubuntu Edgy eft (6.10)

Cyril Gouget cyril.gouget at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 08:42:00 BST 2006


I tried yeasterday the installation of Edgy Eft RC1 and experienced some
problems on digikam image plugins.

"out of the box", they are not installed and there are only few options for
color balance and contrast in the image viewer. After having installed
digikamimageplugins via apt ( $ sudo apt-get install digikamimageplugins ),
nothing apear in the image viewer and I don't know how to configure or use
the plugins.

Is this a bug? Is there something to configure in digikam and/or image

Another thing: There is a conflict between the digikam deb file and the
showfoto so you can't install showfoto after digikam


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